Thermosyphon Units

HEIZER SOLAR’s range of thermosyphon units with high tanks offers energy performance climates, these systems provide DHW at the lowest possible cost.The solar fluid used also has properties that extend the life of the system. Its corrosion inhibitors prevent damage to the primary circuit. Its use is required to maintain the warranty.

  • Compact system setup for easy transport and installation.
  • Glass-dual enamelled (according to DIN 4753) double walled with jacket heat exchanger boilers with optimized heat insulation and durable external cover for maximum protection in seaside areas.
  • High Selective PVD absorber coating produces high temperatures very fast.
  • Water frame entirely made of copper.
  • Tempered Hail-resistant solar low iron glass.
  • Easy and safe insulation due to special high quality and reliable accessories included in the connection kit.
  200 Liters 300 Liters
Number of collectors 1 2
Collector area 2.37 m² 2 m²
Mounting System
Tank 200 LT 300 LT
Connection Set
Number of users 3 – 4 5 – 6


Thermosyphon Mounting Structure

These systems are recommended for applications on flat surfaces. The base can be adjusted according to the size of the collector. Assemblage is simple and fast and it does not require welding or the use of any special tools.

Construction Material: Galvanized steel sheet  |  Material Thickness: 1.5 mm

Mounting Structure Advantages

  • Resistant, due to its inverted omega form profiles.
  • Easy to assemble, due to its pre-mounted
  • Small Footprint.
  • Functional design.

Thermosyphon System Accessories

Enamelled Horizontal Storage Tanks

Model 120 160 200 300 500
Capacity [LT] 117 156 197 286 468
Dimensions D*L [mm] 580*916 580*1116 580*1356 580*1970 700*2120
Max. tested pressure [bar] 15 15 15 15 15
Max. working pressure [bars] 10 10 10 10 10
Heat Exchanger capacity (jacket) [LT] 8.6 12.9 18.3 25.8 30
Heat Exchanger Surface (jacket) [m²] 0.62 0.91 1.28 1.79 2.1
Weight of empty tank 54.9 66.8 81.8 114.5 159.5

Enamelled Horizontal Storage Tanks

  • Electric Heater 3 kW
  • Pressure Temperature Relief Valve (PTV)
  • Magnesium Anode
  • Cover for collectors
  • Expansion Tank EXPT-2
  • Antifreeze Liquid

Internal Protection

As a manufacturer and designer of solar systems, HEIZER SOLAR includes in its equipment protection systems that make their lives longer
– Enameled: the steel of the storage tanks is enameled to reduce corrosion- Magnesium anode: the cathodic protection system is an active protection system which consumes this protective element: the anode. Therefore, it is mandatory to replace it in time, according to the characteristics of the water for consumption.


Proper start-up of the equipment is essential for their right functioning and durability. To do this it is necessary to fill it incorrectly and prevent damages in the tank. For this, only a few simple steps shown below must be followed.

Fill in the consumption circuit
Pressurize the consumption circuit
Fill primary circuit

Maintenance Of The Kits

All installations must go through a monitoring and maintenance plan so that the equipment can perform well continuously. A few simple actions will make the equipment last longer as well as perform the same way over the years.

Equipment Frequence (months) Description
Glass 6 Visual inspection for condensation and dust
Joints 6 Visual inspection, deterioration, corrosion and tighten screws.
Connections 6 Visual inspection for leakages
Supports 6 Visual inspection, deterioration, corrosion and tighten screws.
Storage Tank 12 Muds at the bottom
Magnesium Anode 12 Deterioration checkup

Thermosiphon Systems Advantages

Ample Range

–  Different capacities for the collectors.

– Support structures for the flat and tiled roof.

– Storage tanks from 120 to 500 actual liters.

Durability and Design

–  Vitrified high-efficiency double jacket tanks.

– A storage tank with a galvanized and lacquered steel lining.

– PT valve for double protection in the consumption circuit (optional)

Installation and Maintenance

– Numbered structures to facilitate the mounting.

– Low maintenance reliable internal expansion system.

– A connecting system without joints.